In Switzerland sites are often located in the same data center building and two separate rooms represent these sites. To keep management and the architecture simple, some customers or partners would like to take advantage of a vSAN Stretched Cluster.

This question came up several times already at the product management: “Are Instant Clone desktops supported in combination with vSAN Stretched Clusters? And can we use App Volumes?

The short answer of our product management was that Horizon 7.x (all clones) and a vSAN Stretched Cluster are supported, but that we advise customers to follow the reference architecture design and to test the scalability of the combination of Horizon 7 and a vSAN Stretched Cluster. The caveat is that App Volumes is not supported in this scenario.

A few days ago our VMware Workspace ONE and VMware Horizon 7 Enterprise Edition On-premises Reference Architecture only advised to work with two separate sites, connect them via Cloud Pod Architecture (CPA) and use replication features (e.g. for AppStacks, user profile etc.) to achieve something like an active/active architecture:

cloud pod architecture

But it was not 100% clear if it’s supported to use non-persistent desktops together with a vSAN Stretched Cluster. This gap has been closed with the appendix H:

This new appendix is saying that a stretched active/active architecture is not supported and the use case described in the RA is for full clones only. So, please carefully read our guidelines when working with vSAN Stretched Clusters and Horizon 7.

App Volumes Caveat: There is no support for App Volumes at this time when using a vSAN Stretched Cluster.