One week ago, I passed the VCP Application Modernization Exam. This time I am happy to share with you that I PASSED the VMware Cloud Foundation Specialist 2022 exam. I must admit: Because of my limited hands-on experience with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and NSX-T in general, it was one of the more difficult exams for me. What is the VCF specialist exam about?

The VMware Cloud Foundation 2022 specialist badge validates a candidate’s understanding of how to design and size infrastructure for the management components and for workload domains in preparing for VMware Cloud Foundation deployment and planning and designing the physical network. This badge also validates a candidate’s knowledge of how to plan for, and execute, the VCF bring up process and demonstrates knowledge of how to use and configure VMware Cloud Foundation.

Why have I chosen this exam? And I just said only a few days ago that the VCP-NV would be the next one, right?

Yes, that’s correct! I remembered that I spent time in my home lab with the VMware Cloud Foundation Lab Constructor (VLC) in December 2020. VLC is an automated tool that deploys a completely nested VCF environment onto a single physical host or vSphere Cluster:


Note: Including the preparation work it took me about four hours in total to bring up this nested VCF environment.


That’s one of the most important reasons why I just took this exam: I forgot that I had a little hands-on experience with Cloud Foundation already and I just wanted to confirm this with a nice shiny badge. 🙂

About the VMware Cloud Foundation Specialist Exam

Like I quoted above, the VMware Cloud Foundation Specialist exam is about hands-on experience with installing, configuring and managing VMware Cloud Foundation. You need to have intermediate networking, monitoring, troubleshooting and security concept knowledge to pass the exam. It covers business continuity topics of VCF in general but also asks about different components and scenarios in regard to the vRealize Suite for example.

The VCF Specialist exam consists of 72 questions and must be completed within 130 minutes.

VMware Certified Advanced Professional - Cloud Management and Automation Design 2022

Certification Path

You need to hold a VCP-DCV 2020, 2021 or 2022, and so it was helpful that I renewed my VCP-DCV in December 2020 right after I played around with VCF and the VLC. 🙂

Preparing for the Exam 

The first step was to get my hands on VMware Cloud Foundation. I haven’t re-deployed VMware Cloud Foundation in my home lab, but I made use of other resources.

The exam has a lot of questions about NSX-T and I recommend everyone to get the NSX-T basics right. 🙂

I recommend the following steps to prepare yourself:

FYI, the VLC support via Slack is just AWESOME!

Step 2 – Attend ONE of the required Training Courses

It is required to attend one of these training courses:

I just confirmed with VMware’s certification support, that these trainings are also counted for the certification:

Additional Training Resources

I went through the “VMware Cloud Foundation: Planning, Management, Operations [V4.3] – On Demand” training last week. If you have no (home) lab access, then have a look at the VMware hands-on labs (HOLs), which are very helpful and impressive.

The Cloud Foundation Tech Zone is also a very helpful website to get a lot of information about Cloud Foundation. Here are some specific modules that I can recommend:

Besides the hands-on labs and iSims you must go trough the official documentation:

Please let me know if you found or used any other helpful resources which should be mentioned. Thanks.

Good Luck! 🙂